Tuesday, August 2, 2011


If you've posted photos and/or videos taken at MMMv2.0 anywhere on the web, feel free to comment on this post to share the URL so we can all find them!


To the musicians and fans who came to Montreal, the venues who hosted inworld, the people who filled those venues, Ed Lowell and the Stream Team for providing a free audio stream, Jamie Otis for letting us play with a quicktime stream for a full month before the event until we had that nailed, and Shana!  our wonderful caterer and her crew!  Matt, the bartender!  nice job!  Rich for manning the sound board and doing that so well!  Ian's sound guys who helped with setup and takedown and a little troubleshooting!  John Abbot College for letting us rent their wonderful facilities! Thank-you everyone!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Schedule!

All shows will be one hour in length and hosted by the musicians listed. The LM for the venue as well as the stream address are included just in case the sim fills up and you wish to listen on Winamp etc.

MANY THANKS! to the stream provider THE STREAM TEAM for donating several 1000 listener streams to the Meetup and to the VENUES for their continued support to this event and the vibrant musical community in Second Life.

Time (in SLT) Saturday July 30 Sunday July 31
7 am MORNING JAM ON TOAST (and testing the system)

Nitida Ridge
Round Table Discussion "Community and the Impact of Other Platforms on SL"

Molaskey's Pub

Nitida Ridge
9 am Gandalf Mornington

Tranquil Commons
10 am Stratus Mactavish

Tranquil Commons
Monti's Gospel Hour

Molaskey's Pub
11 am Montrealer Moody

Heron Island Performance Space "HIPS"
JellyJellyJelly Benelli

Molaskey's Pub
noon Wytchwhisper Sadofsky

Heron Island Performance Space "HIPS"
Katydid Something

Prim Economy Music Park
1 pm Montian Gilruth

Rocky Shores
Slim Shakey

Prim Economy Music Park
2 pm break
4 pm Shannon Oherlihy

Nitida Ridge
Jase Branner

Warung Beats
5 pm Eponine Dench

Nitida Ridge
Franc0is Beaumont

Warung Beats
6 pm Maximillion Kleene

Key West Resort
Lyndon Heart

Warung Beats
7 pm Wren Hartunian

Key West Resort
Norris Shepherd

Sterling Vineyards Music Park
8 pm FunkyFreddy Republic

Gwampa's Dance Kamp

Sterling Vineyards Music Park
9 pm Tamra Sands

Gwampa's Dance Kamp
10 pm Open Jam


Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Venues!

Well folks...the final numbers are in!....we will be 55 participants in Montreal for the MMM v2.0....19 of which are musicians!...We'll be audio and video streaming for 20 hours.... spread over 10 venues during the course of the weekend. The schedule will be available from the MMM info kiosk in the following days at the venues that are so generously supporting the Meetup. Please check the blog site as well for the schedule at participating venues.

We are happy to announce that the following venues have offered their support and sponsorship to the MMM v2.0. Our audio streams have graciously been provided by The Stream Team courtesy of Edward Lowell . Please support these enterprises as they are truly committed to the live music community in SL!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Airport Coordination

For those who are flying in, and potentially arriving at times that are close together, please post your arrival times (and whatever other info you think might be important) in the comments to this post. This may enable folks to carpool cabs, and make other arrangements for those final few minutes of the hop to the campus. Use your SL names :-)

addendum:  I've found I have trouble posting via Internet Explorer.  If you're having issues, try with Firefox, Safari, or Chrome instead.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

MMM and Community

MMM is a gathering of Second Life musicians and music supporters held in a Real Life setting and offers an opportunity for everyone to meet and share what we have to offer.. face to face.

The goal is to involve as many people as possible in this event, as we all truly believe that there is a real musical community here, and the mere fact that many people travel and commit to these events is a strong indication of exactly that. We are also hoping that there is a way to integrate both RL and SL in a way that no matter what side of the screen you are on the experience can be meaningful and enjoyable.

To build upon this idea of community the event will be held and sponsored by a number of venues on the grid ...approximatley 10......and we will attempt to be streaming about 20 hours of music and video over the course of the weekend. Each venue will be promoting through their groups and personal contacts... helping to get word out.

One of the amazing aspects of all this new technology is the ability to spread information so easily and at the click of a "copy and paste"....or "forward"....or "Like"....we can involve so many folks so quickly. This is what we are asking you to do. Please take a little time to pass this information along. Publicize this blog, and talk to friends and tell them what's going on. The event will only get better the more energy that people put into it...both in RL and SL.....and its already going to be a great amount of fun!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Registration deadline has expired

If you have extenuating circumstances that have prevented you from registering before the July 1st deadline, but still wish to do so, please im Montian Gilruth or email him at montian.g@gmail.com .